Umbrella7 brought Ohlalá toothpastes to Chile. Each one has an incredible flavor, creamy texture and unmistakable style. Ohlalá toothpastes are formulated with a mild mineral base and the perfect dose of fluoride and xylitol to ensure high quality cleaning and protection against cavities. Ohlalá remineralizes the enamel of your teeth leaving your mouth clean and fresh in a whirlwind of flavor.

Ohlalá Laboratories, S.A.S. Paris, France, certifies that the formulas do not contain any ingredients of animal origin and that its products are not tested on animals. Also, that no banned substances are used in its cosmetic and oral hygiene products in accordance with European legislation.



  1. Protect your teeth from cavities.
  2. Helps strengthen the enamel of your teeth
  3. Protects gum from inflammation.
  4. Fights Bacteria.
  5. Does not contain fructose.
  6. Gluten Free.
  7. Not tested in animals.
  8. Clean and fresh mouth.
  9. Unique flavors that will make your oral hygiene a daily pleasure.

"If happiness was a country a smile would be its capital."

Life tastes better with Ohlalá Pistachio-Mint!

Start your day with Ohlalá Orange-Mint and enjoy an explosion of life.

Light up your smile with Ohlalá Whitening Mint and dare to light up the world.

The time you enjoy is the true time lived. Ohlalá Raspberry-Mint, enjoy your moment.

Grown in the south of France, our violets have a great beauty and an incomparable scent.

Empieza tu día con Ohlalá Canela-Menta y deja que su aroma dulce y amaderado te llene de energía positiva.

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Is a natural plant-based ingredient found in many fruits and vegetables and is part of the daily human metabolism. Reduced saliva flow is a concern for many people, because when saliva flow is poor, calcium and phosphate (key minerals for the health of your teeth) are not effectively deposited on the enamel, presenting a greater risk of cavities. Xylitol stimulates the flow of saliva, which allows these minerals to bind in order to keep the enamel strong and minimize plaque adhesion. Plaque bacteria cannot metabolize Xylitol as a food and are depleted as they try to communicate and reproduce in the biofilm community. Therefore, since the bacteria do not metabolize Xylitol, they die and cannot adhere to your teeth.


es un ingrediente que actúa en el proceso de remineralización de la boca, reponiendo el calcio y el fósforo que mantienen los dientes fuertes. Se ha demostrado que reduce eficazmente la aparición de caries. Cuando se utiliza una pasta de dientes con flúor, el esmalte de los dientes se fortalece, ayudando a reparar los dientes que han desarrollado una descalcificación leve (la primera etapa de la fractura de la superficie dental). Cientos de estudios científicos han demostrado que la pasta de dientes con flúor ayuda a controlar la caries y que cepillarse los dientes regularmente con pasta de dientes con flúor es una forma fiable de mejorar la salud bucodental. Es una buena idea que los niños mayores de seis años utilicen una pasta dental con flúor. Los niños más pequeños también pueden usarla si tienen un alto riesgo de caries.

Keep in mind the following: no matter how much you like the taste of toothpaste, you should never swallow it. No type of toothpaste, whether it contains fluoride or not, should be swallowed. For this reason, many dentists advise against children under six years of age using fluoride toothpaste, and if they do, it should be under the supervision of an adult to make sure they don´t swallow it. Therefore, you should be sure to keep all fluoride products, including toothpastes and mouthwashes, out of the reach of children. For older children, adolescents and adults whose teeth are fully developed and are conscious that toothpaste or mouthwash should not be ingested, there is no risk.